Happy Social Media Day folks! #SMDay

Happy Social Media Day folks!

Yup…it’s a real thing! Mashable launched an official day back in 2010 to celebrate and recognise the impact social media has had on global communication. The way social media has evolved over the years means that it is now easier than ever to stay connected with others around the globe, all in one place. It has also encouraged further individual expression and creativity as people have a myriad of platforms on which to blog, share memories and discover things they never knew before. As well as this, social media provides another outlet for news – both global and local – for everybody to stay informed. The rapid generation of new information (and the speed and efficiency of which it can be shared) means that we are becoming a much more well-informed and engaged society.

For us personally, we owe a lot to social media – it has played a huge part in the promotion of the Official Trailer for our latest production Do you Own The Dancefloor?, in collaboration with Shiny Brick Films. We shared links on Twitter and Facebook, and once audiences saw the posts they shared them too: because of this, we managed to rack up over two thousand views in the first day! How cool is that!

As for our clients, we find that videos play a large part in successful social media campaigning. Videos of this kind are recommended to be short, to the point, and eye-catching – so that’s what we set out to do! A recent example is our client SSE’s Live Awards Campaign, where we created a series of pop-up videos urging people to vote for their favourite act to have attended the SSE Hydro, and to be in with a chance to win tickets to a gig of their choice!

If you are planning to run a social media campaign, videos could be the key to getting you the traffic you’re aiming for… That’s where we can help! So come in and visit us at our lovely office in Edinburgh’s New Town – we’ll stick the kettle on, and we can have a chat!



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Heehaw plays Glastonbury 2015: Do You Own The Dancefloor?

The documentary feature film we’ve been working on with Shiny Brick Films is playing at Glastonbury this weekend! The screening will be at 6pm at the Groovy Movie Cinema tent. If you’re at the the festival try and make it along. In fact, it’s the number 5 thing to to do on the ’45 things to do at Glastonbury’ list…


Top 45 things to do at Glastonbury

You might also get a chance to meet the Director Chris Hughes. here he is being interviewed by BBC6 Music about the documentary…

Chris Hughes

Director Chris Hughes being interviewed at Glastonbury about Do you own the dancefloor? by BBC6 Music

And here is the Official Trailer of the film…



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Official Trailer: Do You Own The Dancefloor?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the Official Trailer for our first ever feature film, a documentary produced in collaboration with Manchester based Shiny Brick Films; Do You Own The Dancefloor?

The film looks at the legendary Hacienda nightclub, covering the charity auction that was held after the club was closed and torn down, and tracks down the variety of bits and pieces that were sold off and subsequently spread around the world.

The film is a study of a unique collective experience so great that it changed the lives of those who were there; forever altering their perceptions, opinions and personalities. So much so that they would come to throw their money into a shard of stained wood or a chipped brick, just to keep the memory alive.

Keep an eye out on the blog and on social for updates and screenings, starting in Glastonbury Festival this Saturday, 6pm @ Groovy Movie Cinema Tent


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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

Edinburgh International Film Festival

So the Edinburgh International Film Festival is well underway, and the buzz is generating around the city! Filmmakers and critics alike are traveling from all over the world to come to Auld Reekie to share their common interest – the wonder and amazement of the silver screen!

What are we most looking forward to? Well, we love all manner of films for different reasons, but if we had to choose just one, we might have to say Back to the Future being screened at the Festival Theatre with the accompaniment of a live soundtrack being played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra! The nostalgia of the 1985 film is one which we definitely cannot miss out on – with it being an iconic, cultural film, Back to the Future is one of the many films which ignited the passion we all share: not just films, but creativity and seeing the end result of hard work put into a project, no matter how big or small.

What we love about films is how a small idea can grow into something bigger, and maybe even capture the attention and imagination of an audience. This is no different for what we aim to achieve at Heehaw – we aim to create memorable films that can grab the audience’s attention and imagination, and generate a buzz around the work we do for you. Whatever content we create, we dedicate our attention and focus to delivering a high quality product that we are proud of – and we hope you will be too!

We do this for one, simple reason: we love the moving image, and we thrive on creativity!

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New Client: Filming with Field Studies Council

Great news, we have been signed up to produce three videos about the awesome courses the Field Studies Council provide at their Kindrogan and Millport centres. Looking forward to getting out into the great outdoors and learning a thing or two in the process! Filming starts today in beautiful Perthshire!

Project Overview:

Field Studies Council are a registered charity who predominantly provides “field trip” style courses for schools (High School and Primary) – though their centers do also host other events. The three videos that we are making are about their Biology and Geography Fieldwork courses which they deliver in over two centers – one in Kindrogan and another in the Isle of Cumbrae – Millport.

For more information about Field Studies Council please check out their website: www.field-studies-council.org

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Documentary Feature: Do you own the dance floor?

Heehaw have teamed up with Manchester based director Chris Hughes to produce our first feature, a documentary about the legendary Hacienda nightclub. After closing its doors in 1996, the club was ripped down and pieces were sold off at a charity auction. Bricks, floorboards, girders, bollards and steel urinals were taken away by DJs, Hacienda regulars and fans alike, Do You Own the Dance Floor? tracks these people down in order to tell the complete story of the Hacienda experience from those that were there (and who remember)!

Currently in post, the film is slated for completion in May, and after its premiere in Manchester, it’s being lined up to play many major film festivals around the world. The project has also attracted interest from some unusual but exciting places! Keep an eye out for updates on the project via the blog or social.

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Heehaw’s new home! Our new address…

Heehaw has a new home! We are super excited about our new digs!

We’re just round the corner from our old office (we found it very difficult to leave the New Town) and our address is:


28 Great King Street



Our telephone number is the same: 0131 477 0772 as well as our email addresses!

There is also a map on our Contact page

If you are close by, please do pop in for a cuppa, a decent biscuit, or a cheeky wee dram!

Heehaw Video Production Company Edinburgh

Outside Heehaw!

Heehaw Video Production Company
Heehaw Producer Room

Heehaw Video Production Company Edinburgh

Heehaw Meeting Room

Heehaw Video Production Company

Heehaw Edit Suite


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New Client: Destination Stirling, Promo Video

Really looking forward to working on a new marketing promo video for Destination Stirling. We’ll be shooting new footage and using some really cool existing footage from organisation such as University of Stirling (which we shot), Historic Scotland and Visit Scotland.  For more information about Destination Stirling and to find out more about what to do in the brave heart of Scotland check out their awesome website www.destinationstirling.com   

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Heehaw’s motion graphics promo for AVG Cleaner

Global anti-virus software giant AVG, with a customer base of over 144 million users, signed Heehaw on as their preferred video supplier in 2014 and we kicked things off with a promo for their Cleaner software for Android. Smart and to the point, the motion graphics promo quickly shows the benefits of the software against an every day scenario. Once it got out there onto YouTube, it quickly racked up views and its now been watched almost 150,000 times, helping to increase app downloads.

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Heehaw’s creating ‘Our Story’ Video Content for Standard Life

Over the last few months Standard Life have been preparing a massive re-launch of both their UK business site, launched at the end of 2014, and their global brand website due for launch in 2015. We’ve been involved with creating some great content for both home pages, resulting in a series of videos that tell the story of this global business and increase brand awarness at the same time.

The projects have involved several animations and three films, seeing us experimenting with minimalist style and design, creating engaging timelapse sequences and shooting 19 interviews in four separate countries.

The films will be due for release in early 2015, but here is the animation video we produced which sits on the homepage of the StandardLife.co.uk site:

We’re going to be supplying them with an asset package of building blocks so Standard Life can create their own content using footage from Edinburgh, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong, enabling their internal teams to take control of the narrative and provide future content for the website.

We’re also producing product videos for Standard Life but we’ll save that for another blog!

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