Documentary Feature: Do you own the dance floor?

Heehaw have teamed up with Manchester based director Chris Hughes to produce our first feature, a documentary about the legendary Hacienda nightclub. After closing its doors in 1996, the club was ripped down and pieces were sold off at a charity auction. Bricks, floorboards, girders, bollards and steel urinals were taken away by DJs, Hacienda regulars and fans alike, Do You Own the Dance Floor? tracks these people down in order to tell the complete story of the Hacienda experience from those that were there (and who remember)!

Currently in post, the film is slated for completion in May, and after its premiere in Manchester, it’s being lined up to play many major film festivals around the world. The project has also attracted interest from some unusual but exciting places! Keep an eye out for updates on the project via the blog or social.

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Heehaw’s new home! Our new address…

Heehaw has a new home! We are super excited about our new digs!

We’re just round the corner from our old office (we found it very difficult to leave the New Town) and our address is:


28 Great King Street



Our telephone number is the same: 0131 477 0772 as well as our email addresses!

There is also a map on our Contact page

If you are close by, please do pop in for a cuppa, a decent biscuit, or a cheeky wee dram!

Heehaw Video Production Company Edinburgh

Outside Heehaw!

Heehaw Video Production Company
Heehaw Producer Room

Heehaw Video Production Company Edinburgh

Heehaw Meeting Room

Heehaw Video Production Company

Heehaw Edit Suite


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New Client: Destination Stirling, Promo Video

Really looking forward to working on a new marketing promo video for Destination Stirling. We’ll be shooting new footage and using some really cool existing footage from organisation such as University of Stirling (which we shot), Historic Scotland and Visit Scotland.  For more information about Destination Stirling and to find out more about what to do in the brave heart of Scotland check out their awesome website www.destinationstirling.com   

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Heehaw’s motion graphics promo for AVG Cleaner

Global anti-virus software giant AVG, with a customer base of over 144 million users, signed Heehaw on as their preferred video supplier in 2014 and we kicked things off with a promo for their Cleaner software for Android. Smart and to the point, the motion graphics promo quickly shows the benefits of the software against an every day scenario. Once it got out there onto YouTube, it quickly racked up views and its now been watched almost 150,000 times, helping to increase app downloads.

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Heehaw’s creating ‘Our Story’ Video Content for Standard Life

Over the last few months Standard Life have been preparing a massive re-launch of both their UK business site, launched at the end of 2014, and their global brand website due for launch in 2015. We’ve been involved with creating some great content for both home pages, resulting in a series of videos that tell the story of this global business and increase brand awarness at the same time.

The projects have involved several animations and three films, seeing us experimenting with minimalist style and design, creating engaging timelapse sequences and shooting 19 interviews in four separate countries.

The films will be due for release in early 2015, but here is the animation video we produced which sits on the homepage of the StandardLife.co.uk site:

We’re going to be supplying them with an asset package of building blocks so Standard Life can create their own content using footage from Edinburgh, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong, enabling their internal teams to take control of the narrative and provide future content for the website.

We’re also producing product videos for Standard Life but we’ll save that for another blog!

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New Client: Energy Savings Trust – Scotland

Delighted to announce we’re going to be producing new video content for the Energy Savings Trust. Pre-Production is already under way on motion graphic and case studies films which promote the Green Homes Network. Filming will take place in locations around Scotland. Really looking forward to promoting and raising awareness of this network of inspiring homes which are available for members of the public to view and visit, so they too can find out more about making their own homes more energy efficient.

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Change is coming in 2015: Heehaw the Video Production Company

2015 is bringing about some big changes here at Heehaw. We’re winding down our digital, web and print work, and we’ll be returning to our roots; redeveloping Heehaw from Digital Agency to Video Production Company. It’s been a fantastic decade of building brands, understanding audiences, and creating bespoke communications for our clients, but now we’re taking all of that vital experience and focussing it on our core strength; our video work.

Our video department has had a fantastic 2014, building some new relationships with some fantastic clients, as well as creating brilliant new work for clients we’ve worked with for years. We’ll report on some our more recent successes in another post, but for now let us just say that we’re very excited about the possibilities for 2015! We’ve got a shiny new production office lined up and we cant wait to get our gear in there and the big screen on the wall!

If you already work with us the likelihood is you’ll already know how excited we are about this move because we wont have been able to shut up about it, but if you aren’t one of our clients, and you want to know more, just give us a shout and we’ll fill you in.

heehaw logo

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Heehaw’s BBC Children in Need video plays at Radio 1 Big Weekend

In the last year, BBC Children in Need has helped change the lives of more than 50,000 children and young people living in Scotland, 18,000 of them living in Glasgow. Heehaw was delighted to be asked by BBC Children in Need to produce a short film which celebrated and raised awareness of their involvement in projects based in Glasgow.

The short film ‘Celebrating Glasgow’ was broadcast on giant screens by the main stage of Radio 1’s Big Weekend Event to a crowd of 25,000.

Nick Mulliner from BBC Children in need said: “Beautifully filmed and well edited, this short film serves as a snapshot to the projects & children and young people that BBC Children in Need support in Glasgow. Easy to work with throughout and in a very short space of time, Heehaw have done a fantastic job. I hope that we can work together on another project soon!”

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Real Mary King’s Close – Case Study

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Why Video? Online Video in 2014: Facts & Stats

People love watching video! In fact we love it so much we watch an average of 32 videos a month!

Why? Because it’s relatively quick, we enjoy it; we understand it and we’re human. And humans respond well to the human voice, music and moving images. That’s a fact. But more importantly your audience and your customers love it too.

To help outline the current state of affairs in this ever-shifting world, we’ve rounded up a few facts and figures, popped them into a neat animation for your perusal.

Happy next 2 minutes!

If you’d like to read more, here’s a short whitepaper on the topic.

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