New animation for the ASA

Our latest collaboration with the Advertising Standards Authority has gone live; a light hearted animation project taking a look at ASA statistics from 2015. The video is in support of their annual review which, for those interested or involved in the world of advertising and media, is available from their website. Check out our video below:


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The African Witchfinder: Film Project Update

We thought we’d give you a quick update on the production of our latest documentary project; The African Witchfinder. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were out in Namibia, but we’re keeping things moving forward slowly but surely! We’re in the process of getting a project website up and running that will be the go to source of information and updates on the film, but for now we thought we’d share just a couple of teaser images of some of the sights we encountered along the road. We’re also updating our banner image on our social channels in keeping with the production.



The open vastness of the Namib Desert, central Namibia


At 55 million years old, it’s the oldest desert on Earth


Some of the largest sand dunes in the world are found here. We climbed one.


We weren’t the only folk to use the roads


A completely non-threatening massive wild killer lion


Epupa Falls, separating northern Namibia with southern Angola, just over the water there

Much more to follow, keep an eye out for updates…



World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

7th of April is World Health Day. A day set to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and looking at current issues affecting people’s health around the globe. The focus in 2016 is diabetes. Once again we were delighted to find ourselves working with the WHO team and Swiss agency MEO to create the video content for this important campaign, a colourful comic book concept revolving around a superhero with the tagline ‘Stay super’ and ‘Let’s beat diabetes’. The print and online campaign developed by WHO and MEO revolved around a series of posters designed to look like comic book covers. From this we created animations and video content to bring the posters to life.

Details on World Heath Day, including the global report on diabetes by the WHO, campaign posters, case studies, videos and info on how to promote World Health Day in your area are available here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.32.58

Heehaw’s MD Mally Graveson said: It was a brilliant collaborative project working with Swiss based communication company MEO and the team at WHO.  We hope our videos will make a difference and we’re really proud of our involvement with World Health Day 2016.

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#owndancefloor comes to Glasgow & Derby Film Festival

Our feature documentary Do You Own The Dancefloor? is coming to Glasgow! The Glasgow Film Theatre is screening the film at 1pm on Saturday 23rd April as the perfect hangover cure to the Hacienda Classical event at the SSE Hydro the night before. Rumour has it a Hacienda legend or two may be in the audience, and director Chris Hughes will be giving a Q&A after the film. If you’re going to the Hydro, complete your weekend by checking this out! Grab tickets for the screening here.

The film is also showing as part of the Derby Film Festival, playing at The Quad, 7pm on 30th April. Chris will be answering more of your questions in a Q&A, and there will be Hacienda themed tunes spinning in the bar afterwards. You can grab tickets and check out the rest of the festival line up here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.10.49

As ever, keep an eye on the website or follow @owndancefloor on twitter for updates

Do You Own The Dancefloor – Official trailer from Do You Own The Dancefloor? on Vimeo.

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We won two Awards! Young Businessperson of the Year & International Trade!

Heehaw was delighted to win two awards at the prestigious Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Toby Trueman, our Creative Director, won Young Business Person of the Year for his outstanding work in helping build the business, as well as taking on a Directorship role and becoming a partner in the company.

Heehaw also won the award for International Trade, which was a great recognition for our global filming projects, our established and growing relationship with the United Nations, our partnerships with European agencies and our new ventures in mainland Europe and Africa.

Michael and Penny collect the International Trade Award

Michael and Penny collect the International Trade Award

Managing Director Mally Graveson was understandably delighted: “I received a call at 2am from our Senior Producer Michael, whilst I was away filming in Namibia with Toby, who said we’d won both awards!  We are just so happy.  It’s a great recognition for our team, who are working so hard to create amazing content, which hopefully make a difference and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.  I’m so proud of them all”

Additional Information:

The Annual Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards are firmly recognised as the Awards for the Edinburgh business community and allows members to gain recognition and celebrate success. We celebrated success with over 450 guests at theSheraton Grand Hotel and Spa on Monday 29th February 2016.

Michael and Penny collect the aawad on behalf of Toby Trueman

Michael and Penny collect the aawad on behalf of Toby Trueman

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Big announcement from Heehaw Films: The African Witchfinder

Following on the success of last years “Do You Own The Dancefloor?” documentary feature, we’re continuing to develop our slate of original content with our latest project created under our Heehaw Films label. “The African Witchfinder” is an exploration of witchcraft, mental illness and one man’s crusade for change in Africa. The production sees the Heehaw film crew flying to Namibia for a 2 ½ week shoot, travelling some 8000km around the country and visiting many communities along the way. Here is the films synopsis:

65yr old Berrie is a pastor in Namibia. A self taught specialist in African witchcraft, he travels to a bush community where a woman, believed possessed, has been chained to a tree for 25 years. Diagnosing her with dementia, he begins a campaign for the freedom of the mentally ill and to prevent more people from being drugged, chained or murdered. Yet Berrie is facing a deadly mix of ancient culture, superstition, and a lack of education that reaches across the African continent. With the odds stacked against him Berrie begins a 8000km journey to raise awareness and fight for change.

The film will be produced by Heehaw’s in-house team, including Director/DoP Toby Trueman & Director/Producer Mally Graveson, who travel to Namibia in March to complete a large circuit of the northern territories. The film will enter the festival circuit later in the year.

This year promises to be a big one for Heehaw, and this project will be a part of that. With our Heehaw Films arm we’re striking a balance between our client work and our original content, and projects such as this allow us to expand on our skills as filmmakers and storytellers, which in turn flows back to what we can offer our clients.

Keep an eye out for developments on the documentary via the blog and social!


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All the best for 2016!

We can’t believe that’s another year gone! We’ll soon be searching through our projects to collect footage for our 2016 reel, and thought we’d take the chance to highlight some key moments from the last 12 months. The year started for us with a film shoot in Hong Kong. As a film crew it was our first experience of the Far East and it set the tone for what would be an epic 2015! From moving office to developing new international clients to producing our first feature film, the last year has been a landmark for us.

#1 Heehaw went through some major changes as a business at the end of last year, and 2015 was the first year as video production specialists. The team moved to lovely new offices on Great King Street in the art centre of Edinburgh, and keeping our spiritual home in the New Town.

#2 Do You Own the Dancefloor? Ok so we’ve probably banged on about this enough already, but the coproduction of this feature documentary was the team’s first venture into original content, and saw the unofficial launch of Heehaw Films, so it was fairly landmark for us!

#3 Over the course of the year we’ve been working closely with a number of major companies from the Geneva area of Switzerland. We’ve enjoyed an excellent relationship with the World Health Organisation and design agency MEO, and recently welcomed the International Labour Organisation as clients. Here’s the promo’s we created for the WHO World Health Day 2015.

#4 SSE continued to be an amazing client over the course of 2015. We produced a wide variety of content for the sponsorship arm of the company, here’s a promo we created to support their hugely successful Live Awards competition; this one for the SSE Hydro in Glasgow.

#5 The ILFS (Independent Living Fund Scotland) were another new client for us this year. They came to us with a great brief for their promotional video, and we had fun designing and animating the characters for this vector based animation.

#6 Working with Edinburgh’s oldest tailors, Stewart Christie, to create a promo in celebration of their archive collection. Some of these suits were over 200 years old, and the event was a wonderful meeting of Edinburgh’s creative sector in one of it’s newest spaces; the Biscuit Factory.

#7 We started the year in Hong Kong and we ended it in snowy Switzerland, filming a promo for the little town of Chateaux-d’Oex in the Swiss Alps. The film documents the day the town got together to write 5000 postcards to be delivered to the Geneva region via hot air balloon. Naturally, it really got us excited about Christmas!

And that about wraps it up! We’ve some more big announcements coming up in 2016, so keep an eye out for those. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, we’re looking forward to what 2016 has in store for us all!

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#owndancefloor @ Leeds International Film Festival 2015

Heehaw and Shiny Brick Films have got some pretty exciting updates on our feature film, Do you own the dancefloor? We’re proud to announce that the film will be screening as part of the 2015 Leeds International Film Festival on 15th November. We’re even more chuffed to see we’ve made the front cover of the programme, check us out below Johnny Depp:

If you can’t make Leeds, we’ve some more screenings happening around the country too, and we’ll announce them really soon! Keep your eye on the blog and social for more info.



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Fireworks & Awards

Hey all! It’s that time again; we’ve swapped out our banner image across social, this time we’re going for fireworks!



The reason for the image is twofold. The Edinburgh Festival has just finished, and after setting record figures it’s going out as it always does with an awesome fireworks display above the castle. The still is from a film we made for Transport for Edinburgh, in celebration of their 1st year of operation. There’s a scene in the film where a father and daughter look wide-eyed at the explosions, the highlight of their Edinburgh visit (filmed during last years display), and we thought it fitting to use that moment as our banner. Even more so seeing as the film has been nominated for a Drum Scottish Creative Award! Thought we should drop that in at the end there. Anyway, here’s the shorter edit of the film for your perusal, hope you like it:

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Our film hits BBC national news

News of our first feature documentary, Do You Own The Dancefoor?, has gone UK wide after the BBC picked up the story. Director Chris Hughes was interviewed on the BBC One Breakfast show, bringing the film to a few million viewers.



Following that, North West Tonight ran a piece on the film, interviewing Chris, DJ Dave Haslam and several other cast. You can check the report here (skip to 15:12): http://bbc.in/1MrqxjW

North West Tonight

Rounding off the coverage, BBC Radio 6 also aired a piece on the film, in addition to the interviews from Glastonbury festival last month. You can listen to the radio show here (skip to 47:00): http://t.co/ujB8phpNTw

We’ve been blown away by the amount of coverage the documentary has been receiving on both national and regional news, as well as the many many reports creeping their way across the web. The Manchester premiere is tomorrow and there’s only a few tickets left (http://bit.ly/1KksACH ), but if you can’t make that keep an eye on the blog and social for more screenings, including the Edinburgh Premiere.


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Do You Own The Dançefloor? – Manchester Premiere

Our documentary feature has been picking up a bit of traction in social circles recently, mainly due to an excellent article on the film with director Chris Hughes by the Manchester Evening News. The timing is important. On the 15th of August we’re showing the film at the Royal Northern College of Music, in their big shiny concert hall. It’s a fitting venue for a film about one of the key legacies from Manchester’s musical history. We’ve a Q&A set up and a few of the more well known cast members will be on hand to introduce the film. Tickets can be bought from the RNCM for £16.50 plus booking. In keeping with the film, all profits go to charity and it promises to be a big night, so if you do happen to be in the North West of England that weekend, you know what you’ll be doing!


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We love a bit of social media branding!

So as you may already know, Heehaw has taken on some big changes in the past 6 months – including going back to our roots of video production and changing location to our lovely Great King Street offices. It’s taken quite a bit of work, but it’s been worth it!

Another change we have been making is updating our online presence; particularly our social media channels. You might have noticed an update to the cover photo you see at the top of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, and our Google+ page! Each month or two, we will change the cover photo to display a screenshot from one of the projects we have been working on. We like to keep things fresh, and by doing this we can keep you in the loop about what we are up to!

SSE Entertainment Firsts

SSE Entertainment Firsts – Photo of the Month July 2015


The Image of the Month for July is a still from our filming for SSE’s Entertainment Firsts campaign, where we asked members of the public to tell us about their memories of their first ever gig!


If you spot a still in one of our videos which you particularly like, and reckon we should use as an Image of the Month, let us know by commenting below, or get in touch by following the links on our website! In the meantime, here is the SSE Entertainment Firsts still (above) which we used as our Image of the Month, and remember – the door’s always open if you fancy a chat!

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Happy Social Media Day folks! #SMDay

Happy Social Media Day folks!

Yup…it’s a real thing! Mashable launched an official day back in 2010 to celebrate and recognise the impact social media has had on global communication. The way social media has evolved over the years means that it is now easier than ever to stay connected with others around the globe, all in one place. It has also encouraged further individual expression and creativity as people have a myriad of platforms on which to blog, share memories and discover things they never knew before. As well as this, social media provides another outlet for news – both global and local – for everybody to stay informed. The rapid generation of new information (and the speed and efficiency of which it can be shared) means that we are becoming a much more well-informed and engaged society.

For us personally, we owe a lot to social media – it has played a huge part in the promotion of the Official Trailer for our latest production Do you Own The Dancefloor?, in collaboration with Shiny Brick Films. We shared links on Twitter and Facebook, and once audiences saw the posts they shared them too: because of this, we managed to rack up over two thousand views in the first day! How cool is that!

As for our clients, we find that videos play a large part in successful social media campaigning. Videos of this kind are recommended to be short, to the point, and eye-catching – so that’s what we set out to do! A recent example is our client SSE’s Live Awards Campaign, where we created a series of pop-up videos urging people to vote for their favourite act to have attended the SSE Hydro, and to be in with a chance to win tickets to a gig of their choice!

If you are planning to run a social media campaign, videos could be the key to getting you the traffic you’re aiming for… That’s where we can help! So come in and visit us at our lovely office in Edinburgh’s New Town – we’ll stick the kettle on, and we can have a chat!



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Heehaw plays Glastonbury 2015: Do You Own The Dancefloor?

The documentary feature film we’ve been working on with Shiny Brick Films is playing at Glastonbury this weekend! The screening will be at 6pm at the Groovy Movie Cinema tent. If you’re at the the festival try and make it along. In fact, it’s the number 5 thing to to do on the ’45 things to do at Glastonbury’ list…


Top 45 things to do at Glastonbury

You might also get a chance to meet the Director Chris Hughes. here he is being interviewed by BBC6 Music about the documentary…

Chris Hughes

Director Chris Hughes being interviewed at Glastonbury about Do you own the dancefloor? by BBC6 Music

And here is the Official Trailer of the film…



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Official Trailer: Do You Own The Dancefloor?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the Official Trailer for our first ever feature film, a documentary produced in collaboration with Manchester based Shiny Brick Films; Do You Own The Dancefloor?

The film looks at the legendary Hacienda nightclub, covering the charity auction that was held after the club was closed and torn down, and tracks down the variety of bits and pieces that were sold off and subsequently spread around the world.

The film is a study of a unique collective experience so great that it changed the lives of those who were there; forever altering their perceptions, opinions and personalities. So much so that they would come to throw their money into a shard of stained wood or a chipped brick, just to keep the memory alive.

Keep an eye out on the blog and on social for updates and screenings, starting in Glastonbury Festival this Saturday, 6pm @ Groovy Movie Cinema Tent


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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

Edinburgh International Film Festival

So the Edinburgh International Film Festival is well underway, and the buzz is generating around the city! Filmmakers and critics alike are traveling from all over the world to come to Auld Reekie to share their common interest – the wonder and amazement of the silver screen!

What are we most looking forward to? Well, we love all manner of films for different reasons, but if we had to choose just one, we might have to say Back to the Future being screened at the Festival Theatre with the accompaniment of a live soundtrack being played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra! The nostalgia of the 1985 film is one which we definitely cannot miss out on – with it being an iconic, cultural film, Back to the Future is one of the many films which ignited the passion we all share: not just films, but creativity and seeing the end result of hard work put into a project, no matter how big or small.

What we love about films is how a small idea can grow into something bigger, and maybe even capture the attention and imagination of an audience. This is no different for what we aim to achieve at Heehaw – we aim to create memorable films that can grab the audience’s attention and imagination, and generate a buzz around the work we do for you. Whatever content we create, we dedicate our attention and focus to delivering a high quality product that we are proud of – and we hope you will be too!

We do this for one, simple reason: we love the moving image, and we thrive on creativity!

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New Client: Filming with Field Studies Council

Great news, we have been signed up to produce three videos about the awesome courses the Field Studies Council provide at their Kindrogan and Millport centres. Looking forward to getting out into the great outdoors and learning a thing or two in the process! Filming starts today in beautiful Perthshire!

Project Overview:

Field Studies Council are a registered charity who predominantly provides “field trip” style courses for schools (High School and Primary) – though their centers do also host other events. The three videos that we are making are about their Biology and Geography Fieldwork courses which they deliver in over two centers – one in Kindrogan and another in the Isle of Cumbrae – Millport.

For more information about Field Studies Council please check out their website: www.field-studies-council.org

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Documentary Feature: Do you own the dance floor?

Heehaw have teamed up with Manchester based director Chris Hughes to produce our first feature, a documentary about the legendary Hacienda nightclub. After closing its doors in 1996, the club was ripped down and pieces were sold off at a charity auction. Bricks, floorboards, girders, bollards and steel urinals were taken away by DJs, Hacienda regulars and fans alike, Do You Own the Dance Floor? tracks these people down in order to tell the complete story of the Hacienda experience from those that were there (and who remember)!

Currently in post, the film is slated for completion in May, and after its premiere in Manchester, it’s being lined up to play many major film festivals around the world. The project has also attracted interest from some unusual but exciting places! Keep an eye out for updates on the project via the blog or social.

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Heehaw’s new home! Our new address…

Heehaw has a new home! We are super excited about our new digs!

We’re just round the corner from our old office (we found it very difficult to leave the New Town) and our address is:


28 Great King Street



Our telephone number is the same: 0131 477 0772 as well as our email addresses!

There is also a map on our Contact page

If you are close by, please do pop in for a cuppa, a decent biscuit, or a cheeky wee dram!

Heehaw Video Production Company Edinburgh

Outside Heehaw!

Heehaw Video Production Company
Heehaw Producer Room

Heehaw Video Production Company Edinburgh

Heehaw Meeting Room

Heehaw Video Production Company

Heehaw Edit Suite


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New Client: Destination Stirling, Promo Video

Really looking forward to working on a new marketing promo video for Destination Stirling. We’ll be shooting new footage and using some really cool existing footage from organisation such as University of Stirling (which we shot), Historic Scotland and Visit Scotland.  For more information about Destination Stirling and to find out more about what to do in the brave heart of Scotland check out their awesome website www.destinationstirling.com   

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Heehaw’s motion graphics promo for AVG Cleaner

Global anti-virus software giant AVG, with a customer base of over 144 million users, signed Heehaw on as their preferred video supplier in 2014 and we kicked things off with a promo for their Cleaner software for Android. Smart and to the point, the motion graphics promo quickly shows the benefits of the software against an every day scenario. Once it got out there onto YouTube, it quickly racked up views and its now been watched almost 150,000 times, helping to increase app downloads.

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Heehaw’s creating ‘Our Story’ Video Content for Standard Life

Over the last few months Standard Life have been preparing a massive re-launch of both their UK business site, launched at the end of 2014, and their global brand website due for launch in 2015. We’ve been involved with creating some great content for both home pages, resulting in a series of videos that tell the story of this global business and increase brand awarness at the same time.

The projects have involved several animations and three films, seeing us experimenting with minimalist style and design, creating engaging timelapse sequences and shooting 19 interviews in four separate countries.

The films will be due for release in early 2015, but here is the animation video we produced which sits on the homepage of the StandardLife.co.uk site:

We’re going to be supplying them with an asset package of building blocks so Standard Life can create their own content using footage from Edinburgh, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong, enabling their internal teams to take control of the narrative and provide future content for the website.

We’re also producing product videos for Standard Life but we’ll save that for another blog!

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We’re up for awards!

Proud to announce that Heehaw have been nominated for two awards at this years Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards!

The team have been nominated for:

International Trade, sponsored by Forth Ports

Young Businessperson of the Year, sponsored by University of Edinburgh
Business School & Edinburgh Research and Innovation, for our Creative Director, Toby Trueman

Ironically, Toby and Mally won’t be there, because they are away on an international filming trip, but Michael and Penny will be there representing the crew!

Best of luck to all the other nominees and what will surely be an excellent evening.


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