Why Video? Online Video in 2014: Facts & Stats

People love watching video! In fact we love it so much we watch an average of 32 videos a month!

Why? Because it’s relatively quick, we enjoy it; we understand it and we’re human. And humans respond well to the human voice, music and moving images. That’s a fact. But more importantly your audience and your customers love it too.

To help outline the current state of affairs in this ever-shifting world, we’ve rounded up a few facts and figures, popped them into a neat animation for your perusal.

Happy next 2 minutes!

If you’d like to read more, here’s a short whitepaper on the topic.

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Transport for Edinburgh – A History

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Tech of 2014 – What’s Happening With Video

At Heehaw we love a bit of tech and 2014 is shaping up to be a big year. Rise of the machines big.

Below we have outlined some of the more exciting prospects on the horizon; there’s bound to be the familiar faces, but we think there’s a strong possibility 2014 will be characterised by the indie developer. These small producers (often crowd funded) can push boundaries far quicker than the behemoths that have held onto power for so long, drip feeding us our megapixels, bits and proverbial bobs.

We’ve seen hints of this already – with the likes of Blackmagic arriving on the camera scene, the buzz surrounding Phoneblocks (a modular Smartphone concept), new-guy lens producers SLR Magic and this little gem of a camera to name a few. Here’s hoping 2014 will take this wave of innovation to the next level.

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2014


2013 was a year of many deep reaching changes to digital marketing. As the dust settles here are some of the digital trends we expect marketing managers to be dealing with in 2014. Continue reading

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Heehaw Behind the Scenes – Roller Derby


Our amazing staff get up to some brilliant extra curricular activities: Video Production Coordinator Dee Custance on… Roller Derby.

The extreme full contact sport of Roller Derby in the UK in the past 5 years has taken off but in the last year its profile has risen to new heights with a Documentary ‘Roller Derby Till I Die’ currently airing on the Extreme Sports Channel.  After being in a music video as a roller disco skater in the background I got chatting to a girl with a punky-electro look and a roller skate with a banner reading ‘You Lose Some, You Bruise Some’ tattooed over her entire thigh.  I was in awe of her enthusiasm for the sport.

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The Life of a Ticket

In a fast-paced workplace it’s important to keep it cool and stick to tried and tested processes. For developers, it’s crucial to adhere to this mindset; otherwise a few weeks or months down the line we will be fixing the errors and short-cuts of the rushed approach. To help us along the way we use ticketing systems.

A developer’s best friend is a ticketing system. The flow and process of a ticketing system works in parallel with our process – they tie together perfectly and allow everything to be tracked and controlled in a way visible to everyone involved.

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Hello Heehaw


I think for any designer, moving agencies can be an unsettling experience.  I know I like to keep my feet on the ground and surround myself with faces and work that I am familiar with.  That being said, it’s never good to sit in a comfy chair for too long.

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Aerial Footage for the Masses

So, Drones. These things seem to have been creating a bit of a buzz lately (intended). I’m not talking about the military killing machines, but more the latest wave in quadcopters that are slowly becoming more and more affordable.

Traditionally these things were large and hugely expensive, requiring a dedicated professional pilot to control your £60k cinema camera into the sky above a herd of lions, and of course this is still the case for high end film and TV. What has changed however, is the recent release of far smaller drones that are quick, relatively cheap and easy to fly. The reason they interest us of course, is because we can stick video cameras to them and send them 300m into the air. And this is very cool.

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