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Cinemagraphs are photographs that include an animated .gif within it, so that one part of the photo moves in a continuous loop.  They are really cool!

We are delighted to have put live our very first commercial cinemagraphs on the home page for the University of Stirling.  Job’s a good ‘un!

You can check them out on the University homepage here.

We’ve Been Wanting to Do Cinemagraphs for Months

We spotted cinemagraphs a few months ago and have wanted to commercially implement the concept for a while. The opportunity arrived when one of our clients, the University of Stirling, got in touch looking for ideas for a fantastic creative addition to their website.  It was a perfect match.

The Process

With help from the University web team, 6 key areas of the website were identified as targets for the cinemagraphs. Concepts were drummed up and the all-important movements decided upon.  We had a great day for the shoot and we rattled through the set-ups.  Footage captured, the post-production got underway in the edit suite, and Heehaw Robbie cooked up a mass of photoshop files and duotone filters to create the final files.

What is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraph is a technique of adding motion to still images. They are created by filming short scenarios and using editing software to turn the moving footage into a still image, while still retaining small portions of movement from the video that loop seamlessly.

Quote from University of Stirling

“In creating the cinemagraphs for the University of Stirling homepage, Heehaw help us realise our vision through a combination of their creative and technical knowhow. They responded to our brief and worked efficiently with our own team to produce fantastic results. I’m pretty sure we’re the first University in the UK to feature cinemagraphs on their website, and that’s a great achievement for everyone involved and reinforces the University of Stirling’s  commitment to using visual art to help reinforce and express the university’s values.”

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  1. Haha wow! I love this effect… definitely the future of web design.


    • Toby Trueman says:

      Thanks Ryan. Yes, I can definitely see more of these popping up all over the net in time. A great way to combine disciplines for subtle effect.

  2. Ian Jamieson says:

    This is such a simple, eye-catching and brilliant ‘trick’. I’m trying to think how we can use it – the possibilities are endless.

  3. Toby Trueman says:

    Thanks Ian, we believe cinemagraphs would work well in the hotel, tourism and leisure industry too! It definitely helps attract attention and makes people take notice of your website – all the best.

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