Hello Heehaw

I think for any designer, moving agencies can be an unsettling experience.  I know I like to keep my feet on the ground and surround myself with faces and work that I am familiar with.  That being said, it’s never … Continue reading

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Aerial Footage for the Masses

So, Drones. These things seem to have been creating a bit of a buzz lately (intended). I’m not talking about the military killing machines, but more the latest wave in quadcopters that are slowly becoming more and more affordable. Traditionally … Continue reading

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Instagram video and the rise of the micro-movie

With the news that Instragram have entered the world of short-form video by launching video functionality this week, we thought it a pertinent time to take a look at the emerging world of minute movies. Instagram (the Facebook-owned photo-sharing giant … Continue reading

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A Big Week for Video Productions

It’s been a fantastic fortnight for video productions with some major client wins. We were delighted to win an exciting contract to produce a series of  innovative and creative films for one of Scotland’s leading universities. We’re continuing to produce … Continue reading

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Slow Motion in Video

Slow Motion (or overcranking as it’s sometimes known) has been a part of cinema since the early 1900’s, but it’s only since the turn of the century that its popularity has skyrocketed from its use in commercials, sports coverage and … Continue reading

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Light Painting in Video

When is a physical graphic not physical? When it’s made of light. Light painting is a technique more often associated with stills photography.  It can bring movement and dynamism to an otherwise still image.  The technique involves long exposures which allow the … Continue reading

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Developing 2.5D Video

What exactly is 2.5D? It’s a way by which two-dimensional photographs can be split into individual layers to create an animation which gives the illusion of 3D and depth. Moving these 2D layers around in a composition’s z-axis creates a parallax effect and gives … Continue reading

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