I am the Head of Design at Heehaw. Over the years I have worked with many household names including WH Smith, BBC and Whyte & Mackay. Whether working on brand strategy, print or digital, finding that big idea still gives me a kick today

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You’re Not My Type: Design and Typography

Designers often feel a little uncomfortable when asked what they do for a living. Especially by non-agency folk. It can be hard to explain easily and for those in the digital realm it’s getting even harder to define day by … Continue reading

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What about tone?

When trying to sell or communicate a concept or proposition, it really helps to know your audience. Advertising and marketing peeps have known this for donkey’s years. But when it comes to web design, we’ve actually turned it into a … Continue reading

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Creative Investment Award

We picked up a Creative Investment Award last week on behalf of all the students at Telford College in recognition of our placement programme. Over the last year we have offered paid placements to a number of their design students. … Continue reading

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Responsive design, yes and no…

The whole ‘responsive design’ debate has been stirred up again by a recent article from usability expert Jakob Nielsen. The response from the industry on the whole was pretty negative. But after I read it, I found myself nodding in … Continue reading


Website may contain nuts

We always put ourselves under pressure to deliver great websites quickly and within budget, but do clients know what they’re really getting? How can you compare one site to the next? What does a £100k budget achieve that a £5k one … Continue reading

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QR Codes: Love Them or Hate Them?

Is it possible to sit on the fence when it comes to QR Codes? Or is it merely horses for courses? [I do love a good idiom]


The Rise of the Touchscreen – Design Implications

A number of new and notable touch screen items hit our radar recently.  As these sophisticated devices gain in popularity, expect design to move with the times.

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Review of the Degree Show at ECA

I love degree shows.  Partly because it revives fond memories but mainly for the creative shot in the arm they give you. If you want to see what one year of creative freedom looks like, pop down to Lauriston Place … Continue reading

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