4 Top Tips to Bolster Business from Predictable Behaviour

In our last post we talked about how people’s predictable whinging over the Facebook changes should be a lesson in managing expectations when re-designing websites.  Here we remind you that while humans have a herd mentality, we are not sheep.  … Continue reading

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Facebook Updates are a Lesson in Managing Expectations

So Facebook have rolled out another tranche of updates.  Cue the whinging. The fact is that people are like the Tory party: they don’t react well to change.  It doesn’t matter if change brings improvement; familiarity makes things easy.  People … Continue reading

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Social Media Suicide

We’re all watching the riots spread across the county.  Most of us are appalled.  TV, radio, print and social media channels are awash with reaction; however even the worst ambulance chasing lawyer isn’t thinking about how to make a quick … Continue reading

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Facebook – What is it worth to you?

I’ve wanted to write a blog on this subject for a while. I’ve been monitoring various clients’ analytics, checking direct referrals from Facebook and also keeping a close eye on our own website and blog’s traffic.


Putting our best foot forward

It starts with a statement, followed by some questions… “We should have a blog” “Why do we need to blog?” “Why don’t we blog?” “Why should we blog?” Repeat ad infinitum…

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