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Cinemagraphs are photographs that include an animated .gif within it, so that one part of the photo moves in a continuous loop.  They are really cool!


3 Excellent Reasons Travel & Tourism Businesses Should Be On Facebook

Businesses in the Travel & Tourism Sector should be in the middle of preparing their marketing campaigns at the moment to meet the predictable customer rush in January. So we thought it would be nice to post some thoughts on … Continue reading

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4 Top Tips to Bolster Business from Predictable Behaviour

In our last post we talked about how people’s predictable whinging over the Facebook changes should be a lesson in managing expectations when re-designing websites.  Here we remind you that while humans have a herd mentality, we are not sheep.  … Continue reading

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Facebook Updates are a Lesson in Managing Expectations

So Facebook have rolled out another tranche of updates.  Cue the whinging. The fact is that people are like the Tory party: they don’t react well to change.  It doesn’t matter if change brings improvement; familiarity makes things easy.  People … Continue reading

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26 Miles in 4hrs 30mins! Congratulations, Shauna!

A big shout out to our very own Shauna Dempsey who at the weekend completed the Berlin Marathon in 4½ hours: a personal best! According to the BBC, Paula Radcliffe finished with a “disappointing” time of 2 hours and 23 … Continue reading

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Social Media Suicide

We’re all watching the riots spread across the county.  Most of us are appalled.  TV, radio, print and social media channels are awash with reaction; however even the worst ambulance chasing lawyer isn’t thinking about how to make a quick … Continue reading

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Facebook – What is it worth to you?

I’ve wanted to write a blog on this subject for a while. I’ve been monitoring various clients’ analytics, checking direct referrals from Facebook and also keeping a close eye on our own website and blog’s traffic.


Our Ghost Hunting Documentary on the BBC

Our recent piece on Scotland’s ghostly locations has gone live on the BBC Scotland website! It was an interesting shoot. It’s not often that you are given access to one of Scotland’s premier underground heritage sites with the purpose of … Continue reading


The Speed of Creation

So, we’re about to buy a new camera and I’m very excited about it. After much deliberation, chat, coffee consumption, mouse clicking and confusing conversations with tech guys on phone lines we’ve decided to go ahead and buy the AF101 … Continue reading

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Welcome on board Will

We are proud to announce that Will Price has joined Heehaw to take on the position of Head of Design in Edinburgh. Moving to Heehaw from Civic, Will’s outstanding design experience in digital, brand and print is driven by big … Continue reading

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