3 Excellent Reasons Travel & Tourism Businesses Should Be On Facebook

Businesses in the Travel & Tourism Sector should be in the middle of preparing their marketing campaigns at the moment to meet the predictable customer rush in January. So we thought it would be nice to post some thoughts on why these businesses should be thinking about Facebook.

Some sectors are just naturally suited to Facebook. Travel and tourism businesses sit in just such a sector. The reason is simple: YOU GUYS HAVE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!

Seriously! The biggest problem most businesses have when faced with social media is having interesting stuff to say. BUT YOU GUYS IN TRAVEL HAVE IT EASY!

Don’t believe me? I’ll tell you why…

  1. Marketing is about telling stories. Most people have no desire whatsoever to listen to stories about insurance, or double glazing, or marketing for that matter! But they LOVE listening to your stories!
  2. Every trip you sell is a story waiting to be told. And even better! YOU don’t have to tell it (which would make it look marketing-y). YOUR CLIENTS CAN TELL IT FOR YOU!
  3. Finally, these stories lend themselves really well to the sort of media people love consuming on Facebook: photos and videos.

So you see… You have the stories. You have the people to tell them. And you have the tools for people to tell them beautifully!

And if you want to know how to achieve this, you are in luck! Our resident online marketing monkey, Ewan, is writing a post especially for you right now.

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