4 Top Tips to Bolster Business from Predictable Behaviour

In our last post we talked about how people’s predictable whinging over the Facebook changes should be a lesson in managing expectations when re-designing websites.  Here we remind you that while humans have a herd mentality, we are not sheep.  We are FAR more predictable than sheep and businesses can manipulate that fact.

Tip 1: People Love Top 3’s

When creating content for your blog, try to get some lists in there.  People love lists.  Top-3-lists are particularly good.  [This is a Top 4 list because at Heehaw we don’t subscribe to the herd mentality :P ].


Tip 2: People Love a Bargain

Incentivise.  Incentivise.  Incentivise.  If you want people’s attention on the internet give something away or give a discount.


Tip 3: Use Your Blog to Piggy-Back off Existing Conversations

Big news reported in the mainstream media will heighten the public’s interest in a topic.  If you have a blog, connect your content to this big news.  By piggy-backing off the interest created by the media, your articles will have more chance of success.  (But don’t be spammy or you will risk negative publicity such as David Goldie’s post “Social Media Suicide” or Andrew Burnett’s article on the same topic “Love Da Pop: Bugger Da Brand“).


Tip 4:  Plan your Marketing to Respond to Predictable Patterns

Don’t be caught short with your marketing plan.  Prepare well in advance of your main sales period.  For example, if you are in travel and tourism make sure that you plan in the Autumn so you can press the button on the 2nd January when people will be mapping out their holidays for the year.



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