Instagram video and the rise of the micro-movie


With the news that Instragram have entered the world of short-form video by launching video functionality this week, we thought it a pertinent time to take a look at the emerging world of minute movies.

Instagram (the Facebook-owned photo-sharing giant with over 130 million active users) is hoping that its foray into moving images will help counter the growing Vine (Twitter’s own short video clip sharing app that launched early 2013).

Both apps allow for video recording through smart phones in short bursts, with Vine limiting its users to 6 second looped clips and Instagram allowing for anything up to 15.

The ability to easily pause recordings has made both extremely popular with stop-motion animators from the off, and Vine in particular has found a niche with short comedic skits, but it is clear the formats have more to offer.

Drawing many similarities with YouTube, both have an “up voting” system with the most creative and original shorts rising to the top of the proverbial vine as a result (sorry Instagram, no bias intended). This encourages experimentation and could make it a good training ground for aspiring filmmakers.

Both apps have the potential to become wonderful marketing tools too. Offering companies the chance to update their audience in small digestible, kinetic chunks. Weekly update videos, short teaser clips, quick addresses from company heads, short anecdotes, appeals and the like could all become tools to help organisations connect with their audience and would undoubtedly be less time consuming to produce than longer-form video clips.

Although limited to smart-phones and hence unlikely to be of use for higher-end applications, we think the formats certainly have a lot to offer and we are already planning our own!

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