Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015

Edinburgh International Film Festival

So the Edinburgh International Film Festival is well underway, and the buzz is generating around the city! Filmmakers and critics alike are traveling from all over the world to come to Auld Reekie to share their common interest – the wonder and amazement of the silver screen!

What are we most looking forward to? Well, we love all manner of films for different reasons, but if we had to choose just one, we might have to say Back to the Future being screened at the Festival Theatre with the accompaniment of a live soundtrack being played by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra! The nostalgia of the 1985 film is one which we definitely cannot miss out on – with it being an iconic, cultural film, Back to the Future is one of the many films which ignited the passion we all share: not just films, but creativity and seeing the end result of hard work put into a project, no matter how big or small.

What we love about films is how a small idea can grow into something bigger, and maybe even capture the attention and imagination of an audience. This is no different for what we aim to achieve at Heehaw – we aim to create memorable films that can grab the audience’s attention and imagination, and generate a buzz around the work we do for you. Whatever content we create, we dedicate our attention and focus to delivering a high quality product that we are proud of – and we hope you will be too!

We do this for one, simple reason: we love the moving image, and we thrive on creativity!

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