Happy Social Media Day folks! #SMDay

Happy Social Media Day folks!

Yup…it’s a real thing! Mashable launched an official day back in 2010 to celebrate and recognise the impact social media has had on global communication. The way social media has evolved over the years means that it is now easier than ever to stay connected with others around the globe, all in one place. It has also encouraged further individual expression and creativity as people have a myriad of platforms on which to blog, share memories and discover things they never knew before. As well as this, social media provides another outlet for news – both global and local – for everybody to stay informed. The rapid generation of new information (and the speed and efficiency of which it can be shared) means that we are becoming a much more well-informed and engaged society.

For us personally, we owe a lot to social media – it has played a huge part in the promotion of the Official Trailer for our latest production Do you Own The Dancefloor?, in collaboration with Shiny Brick Films. We shared links on Twitter and Facebook, and once audiences saw the posts they shared them too: because of this, we managed to rack up over two thousand views in the first day! How cool is that!

As for our clients, we find that videos play a large part in successful social media campaigning. Videos of this kind are recommended to be short, to the point, and eye-catching – so that’s what we set out to do! A recent example is our client SSE’s Live Awards Campaign, where we created a series of pop-up videos urging people to vote for their favourite act to have attended the SSE Hydro, and to be in with a chance to win tickets to a gig of their choice!

If you are planning to run a social media campaign, videos could be the key to getting you the traffic you’re aiming for… That’s where we can help! So come in and visit us at our lovely office in Edinburgh’s New Town – we’ll stick the kettle on, and we can have a chat!



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