Big announcement from Heehaw Films: The African Witchfinder

Following on the success of last years “Do You Own The Dancefloor?” documentary feature, we’re continuing to develop our slate of original content with our latest project created under our Heehaw Films label. “The African Witchfinder” is an exploration of witchcraft, mental illness and one man’s crusade for change in Africa. The production sees the Heehaw film crew flying to Namibia for a 2 ½ week shoot, travelling some 8000km around the country and visiting many communities along the way. Here is the films synopsis:

65yr old Berrie is a pastor in Namibia. A self taught specialist in African witchcraft, he travels to a bush community where a woman, believed possessed, has been chained to a tree for 25 years. Diagnosing her with dementia, he begins a campaign for the freedom of the mentally ill and to prevent more people from being drugged, chained or murdered. Yet Berrie is facing a deadly mix of ancient culture, superstition, and a lack of education that reaches across the African continent. With the odds stacked against him Berrie begins a 8000km journey to raise awareness and fight for change.

The film will be produced by Heehaw’s in-house team, including Director/DoP Toby Trueman & Director/Producer Mally Graveson, who travel to Namibia in March to complete a large circuit of the northern territories. The film will enter the festival circuit later in the year.

This year promises to be a big one for Heehaw, and this project will be a part of that. With our Heehaw Films arm we’re striking a balance between our client work and our original content, and projects such as this allow us to expand on our skills as filmmakers and storytellers, which in turn flows back to what we can offer our clients.

Keep an eye out for developments on the documentary via the blog and social!


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