Quality Meat Scotland animation aims to drive red meat benefits

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) is a public body organisation whose overarching responsibility is to promote and oversee the Scottish red meat industry. QMS approached Heehaw to design and produce a short animation, outlining the benefits of eating red meat as part of a healthy balanced diet. Due to increased media attention over the past few years, red meat can often be under scrutinisation for the possible health risks it can reportedly cause. QMS were keen to challenge some misconceptions and prove that red meat can be consumed healthily as part of a balanced diet.

Penny Cobham, Producer at Heehaw said:

“Creating and developing this animation alongside QMS has been a brilliant experience. We were not restricted by any brand guidelines, allowing us to have creative freedom to think up an original style for the animation. Not only did we create characters and an animated style for this video, but QMS are hoping to utilise these designs within further marketing material.”

Jennifer Robertson, Health & Education Coordinator, from Quality Meat Scotland said:

“Never having developed this form of media content before, we were very pleased with all the help received from Penny and the team at HeeHaw. They listened to our brief and it was no problem to make adjustments when required. Overall we are delighted with the outcome and excited to use our new video on social media.”

Animation screen shot

Animation screen shot from Meat We Eat Video

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