Breaking into the Industry: Heehaw work placements & internships

Here at Heehaw, we’re constantly trying to inspire young minds to be creative, and teach them about the video production industry. We coordinated with Young Enterprise Scotland’s Bridge2Business, a programme that helps provide college students with work experience opportunities, to host two week-long paid work placements for Edinburgh college students, Daniel Kreutzinger and Martin Diavolo. They assisted on various client projects, gaining real world, hands on experience in the industry.

Both of the interns worked in post production, and were mentored by members of our post production team, Dan and Kyle. Supervised by Kyle, Daniel worked on a number of motion graphics projects, while Martin worked on 3D rendering under the supervision of Dan.

Of his experience, Daniel said:

“Thanks to Heehaw and Bridge 2 Business I had an amazing chance to be a part of the Heehaw’s team during my work placement. Everyone was so supportive and made me feel like a valuable team member. From the first day at Heehaw, I was assigned to one of many projects they were working on. I was briefed on every stage of the project I was working on and given space to use my own creativity. I was really lucky to have an opportunity to work beside this multi-talented team in a professional setting.  This work experience has given me more confidence and direction about how I can build my future career.”

Work Placement at Heehaw

Heehaw is always looking to lend a hand and offer advice to young creatives about how to break into the industry, and work experience and internships are one of the best ways to gain real world experience and learn the ins and outs of the field, whether in production or post production. Within the Heehaw team, we have videographers and photographers, producers, directors, production assistants, copywriters, motion graphics designers, illustrators, video editors, and animators. There’s a wide variety of different creative paths you can pursue within the industry, and the best way to learn which path you may want to follow is through hands on experience with an internship!

For the young aspiring creatives out there, remember to chase after what you want! Not all companies will post available internship opportunities on their website or job boards, so take the initiative to reach out and ask companies if they have any work experience opportunities, and always send along a C.V. with your inquiry!

To be kept up to date with our work placement and internships opportunities in 2019 please keep an eye on our blog for more details or contact astrid@heehaw.co.uk

For more information about Young Enterprise Scotland – please click here

For more information about Bridge2Business – please click here

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    Hello! This is a very inspiring read!
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