World Health Day 2016: Beat Diabetes

7th of April is World Health Day. A day set to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and looking at current issues affecting people’s health around the globe. The focus in 2016 is diabetes. Once again we … Continue reading

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All the best for 2016!

We can’t believe that’s another year gone! We’ll soon be searching through our projects to collect footage for our 2016 reel, and thought we’d take the chance to highlight some key moments from the last 12 months. The year started for … Continue reading

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Fireworks & Awards

Hey all! It’s that time again; we’ve swapped out our banner image across social, this time we’re going for fireworks!   The reason for the image is twofold. The Edinburgh Festival has just finished, and after setting record figures it’s … Continue reading

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We love a bit of social media branding!

So as you may already know, Heehaw has taken on some big changes in the past 6 months – including going back to our roots of video production and changing location to our lovely Great King Street offices. It’s taken … Continue reading

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Happy Social Media Day folks! #SMDay

Happy Social Media Day folks! Yup…it’s a real thing! Mashable launched an official day back in 2010 to celebrate and recognise the impact social media has had on global communication. The way social media has evolved over the years means … Continue reading

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3 Excellent Reasons Travel & Tourism Businesses Should Be On Facebook

Businesses in the Travel & Tourism Sector should be in the middle of preparing their marketing campaigns at the moment to meet the predictable customer rush in January. So we thought it would be nice to post some thoughts on … Continue reading

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4 Top Tips to Bolster Business from Predictable Behaviour

In our last post we talked about how people’s predictable whinging over the Facebook changes should be a lesson in managing expectations when re-designing websites.  Here we remind you that while humans have a herd mentality, we are not sheep.  … Continue reading

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Facebook Updates are a Lesson in Managing Expectations

So Facebook have rolled out another tranche of updates.  Cue the whinging. The fact is that people are like the Tory party: they don’t react well to change.  It doesn’t matter if change brings improvement; familiarity makes things easy.  People … Continue reading

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Social Media Suicide

We’re all watching the riots spread across the county.  Most of us are appalled.  TV, radio, print and social media channels are awash with reaction; however even the worst ambulance chasing lawyer isn’t thinking about how to make a quick … Continue reading

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Facebook – What is it worth to you?

I’ve wanted to write a blog on this subject for a while. I’ve been monitoring various clients’ analytics, checking direct referrals from Facebook and also keeping a close eye on our own website and blog’s traffic.